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European Comission encouraging smart cities in Europe

More and more cities are recognizing the need for a transformation of their core by integrating smart solutions. In the framework of the project “Smarter Together”, the European Comission has chosen Lyon, Vienna and Munich as leaders in the deployment of smart cities in Europe.

Lyon, Munich and Vienna are the three leading cities of recently adopted project “Smarter Together”. “Smarter Together” is a pilot project supported by the European Union in the framework of the program Horizon 2020. The aim is to develop ICT solutions for energy transition in urban areas. Particular emphasis will be on residential renovations, production and consumption of energy from renewable sources and mobility.

Three large and dynamic cities of a similar size will focus on five specific areas and simultaneously create and integrate intelligent solutions, such as:

  • Living Labs for cooperation with the citizens; • District heating and renewable energy for low-energy districts; • Holistic renovation of low-energy districts, both public and private housing; • Smart platforms for data management and smart services for integrated infrastructure; • E-mobility solutions for sustainable mobility.

In the next few years Munich will invest EU funds in a special district: Neuaubing-Westkreuz with the population of about 30,000 residents.

Planned actions:

  • An upgrade of integrated infrastructure through an intelligent data platform and smart service providers, such as smart lamps, distribution stations for goods and solutions for “sharing economy” of services and accommodation. • Support for sustainable transport solutions, such as car sharing, electric bicycles and mobile stations with information panels. • Complete renovation of existing public and private housing complexes, including energy renovation of 42,000 m2 of living space with advising to tenants and without raising rents.

On June 2nd Neuaubing-Westkreuz has begun the process of collaboration with the inhabitants. “Smarter Together” is based on close cooperation with the residents of the project area. Local “urban laboratory” will host regular workshops on all proposed actions, which will aim on bringing together the residents, administration and professionals from companies and institutions, such as Siemens and Fraunhofer Institute.

In 2012 Munich was placed amongst 10 smartest cities in Europe, mainly because of its effort in the field of Smart Economics and Smart Life. Munich is also very highly ranked on a Mercer Quality of Life scale, it is the city with the lowest crime rate and the highest number of international companies headquarters in Germany. One of them is also Siemens, a company known as one of the largest international players in the revolution of smart cities. But Munich is not only suitable for multinationals – on the list of the top cities for start-ups it is ranked 8th.

In addition to the three pilot cities, Lyon, Munich and Vienna, other cities are also included since they are looking for inspiration for their own development: Santiago de Compostela, Sofia and Venice, as well as two “observers” – Kiev and Yokohama. This group of cities is supported by a consortium of almost 30 European partners: local authorities, research centers, industry, consultants, universities and network of cities, which are united in the community Energy cities.

Lyon will use this smart solution experiment for expansion of already constructed sites. In Munich the project will include three different districts. Vienna will be dedicated to the reconstruction of social housing from the 50’s and 60’s. Other local authorities, such as Santiago de Compostela and Sofia, will give more emphasis on the renovation of the city center.

The project will last five years and has a total budget of 29 million euro, of which 24 million euro are financed by the European Commission as a part of the program Horizon 2020. In order to achieve smart and inclusive solutions and to improve the quality of life of the citizens, “Smarter Together” wants to find the right balance between smart technology on the one hand and organizational dimensions/management on the other.

With our smart solutions, we will try to help as well. Recently we have opened new offices in Munich in collaboration with ABC Accelerator. Partners, clients and smart city enthusiasts – welcome to one of the smartest Bavarian cities!

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